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Testimonials for Dr. Hugh’s Dental PC

I had 3 teeth pulled today and I was recommended here through work and I gotta say they are great. They were very attentive the entire time and constantly checking to make sure I wasn’t in a lot of pain and consistently letting me know what they were doing while they were pulling the teeth.

Chris Crawford

I have been seeing Dr. Hugh for about 3 years now. He is very thorough and does a good job making sure that I feel comfortable and at ease during any cleanings or fillings if they are needed. I would recommend him in a heart beat …he really changed my view on going to the dentist around.

Derek Leggler

Such a great place. Everyone is so welcoming!!! Best around.

Chas Marrier

I have been going to Dr. Hugh for years and it’s fantastic! I tell my friends and family all the time that they should go if they ever need dental work.

Judith Peterson

Everyone in the office is polite and professional. They know us well and are very friendly when we walk in. I actually look forward to going in because I know how good they are.

Kevin Olivef

Dr. Hugh just installed a new crown for me. Though the location (far back in upper jaw) was challenging, the procedure was quick and comfortable. The office uses state-of-the-art equipment so, in two hours, my new crown was in place and fit perfectly. Dr. Hugh and his staff went out of their way to thoroughly inform me, every step of the way, and put me at ease. A great dentist and supportive staff!

HS Parker

The office of Dr. Hugh’s Dental is always so orderly especially when it comes to getting their patients in and out of their appointments.

Jeffrey Osborne

I truly trust Dr. Hugh’s with any work that he does on my teeth. He’s a perfectionist and knows exactly what he is talking about. He tells what you should and should not do in order to keep your teeth healthy.

Dan West

I had an abscessed tooth and was in alot of pain and also very worried about the process and of course payment (i have no insurance). Dr. Hugh’s staff put me at ease fast, and dr. Hughes was even faster to get my tooth out. They gave my quotes along the way and it was very affordable! If you need anything done this is your guy!!!

Katrina Hale

Back when I was 16/17 years old I began seeing Dr. Hugh – I am now 26 and still think back in the day that he changed my smile and my life.
Back then I was extremely grateful for the smile he gave me and never found time to really thank him. Although it has been almost ten years, I would like to thank him now.
I grew up with extremely soft and discolored teeth, they had ridges on them and were NOT the prettiest teeth to look at. I was extremely embarrassed by them, but there was nothing I could do about them… until one appointment that I had with Dr. Hugh.
I arrived at his office extremely anxious and fearful for my scheduled cleaning, having a pleasant time at the dentist was not my forte. Very rarely did I have a dentist that I felt cared about me and my smile as if it were their own. My scheduled cleaning turned into a smile makeover! I didn’t receive veneers – although it was the first time I had heard about them, I received a blessing. Dr. Hugh shaved down my ridges, blended in my teeth color with a beautiful white, made my teeth look straighter with his artistic ability to form teeth ( I am NOT a dentist – so I am not using the most correct terminology – please forgive me). When he was finished I looked in the mirror and almost started crying, the new smile he gave me brightened my day and my life. I couldn’t believe what he could do with just a little heart to help. I didn’t ask for what he gave me, he just did it.
To this day, I am extremely thankful for the smile he has given me. It has given me confidence and light. Although my teeth are still not perfect and I do still struggle with imperfections, I hope to one day be able to afford the permanent effect of veneers. One day, when I can, I will be coming to Dr. Hugh. He cares about his patients and how they feel about their smiles. I would recommend him to any person looking for a dentist. He is personable, caring and an excellent dentist.

Rebecca Ely

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