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High Performing Athletes Smile!

Dr. Hugh’s Dental PC supports our area athletes. He sponsors several and has created a custom dental mouth guard to protect every athlete’s teeth!

Dr. Hugh’s Dental Guards

Dr. Hugh’s performance dental guards are custom-fitted to provide protection, strength, and endurance during sports activities. Based on the “cortisol feedback loop”, if we can keep your back teeth from clenching and avoid over activation of your jaw muscles, your body will sense your are not under stress and thus allow you to perform better and longer.

Teeth and jaw stress relates to overall body stress. Dr. Hugh’s performance guards are custom fitted to decrease this stress and be comfortable at the same time.

Testimonials from Athletes

Dr. Hugh’s athletes have something to say!

“I have been using Dr. Hughs performance mouth guards for 7 years now. I compete in strongman. The sport of strongman requires a lot of strength and endurance and wearing this performance guard as helped me compete against the best in the world. Since I started wearing this performance guard there have been other mouth guards that have become popular in the sport. These other mouth guards are uncomfortable, and low quality. This is not the case with Dr. Hugh guard. It is easy to wear and very comfortable. Since wearing this performance guard I have deadlifted over 700 pounds and become 2016 National champion, two time Arnold Classic athlete and 5th in the world at worlds strongest man. Thank you for making a great product Dr. Hugh!!”

– Ryan Largay, owner of ACE Fitness in Littleton NH.


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