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Tech in the Dental Office

On our Restorative Dentistry page, we mentioned CEREC® CAD/CAM and GALILEOS™ CBCT, but we have a completely state-of-the-art office with all of the technology we need for all of your oral health needs.

We’ve Got the Tech

Dental Technology | Dr Hughs
Dental Technology | Dr Hughs


The latest in precision and design for long lasting quality outcomes.


This dental CT scan provides in-depth digital renderings of a patient’s teeth and all of the structures in the mouth and is done within the dental office. CEREC® is comprised of several computer-assisted design (CAD) tools and a milling machine that creates custom ceramic restorative devices. This is of great benefit to nervous patients, and also reduces the cost of treatment.

Air Flow Dental Cleaning

Superior Cleaning – Replacing the old polishing discs for cleaning and shining teeth, we use an innovative Air Flow cleaning system that polishes your teeth with a mix of air, water, and fine natural glycine. It is more effective and provides a superior cleaning than traditional methods.
A Must for Dental Implants – This procedure is especially ideal for those who have Dental implants as it gently cleans the soft tissue surrounding the dental implants as well cleans the dental implant restoration.


The CEREC® system is used for digital tooth impressions and design and milling of restorations right in the office.

Electronic Medical Records

For ease in maintaining an accurate record of your care, including imaging, we use an electronic medical records system. This is also effective for sharing your records, with your permission, with your doctors.

Diode Laser

Diode laser is a great instrument for decontamination of bad bacteria in the gums and aids in faster healing of soft tissue injuries. For precision soft tissue (gums) sculpting and in conjunction with other technology for procedures, the laser is preferred to the scalpel. It is very effective and you’ll be left with less swelling and pain.

T-Scan Hardware and Software

The T-Scan is real-time evaluation of dental occlusion or “bite.” It creates an analysis so that Dr. Hugh can closely check the points of stress or where the bite is not balanced so that he can plan treatment to correct any bites that are destructive. This is especially beneficial for checking all dental implant restorations.

Suffer from jaw pain and headaches? It may be your bite. With T-Scan, Dr. Hugh can better evaluate your bite and its relation to these issues

Sterilization System

We use the best and latest sterilization system for all of our instruments. You can rest assured that all of our dental instruments are completely sterile.

Patient Education Software

Questions about your teeth or a procedure? Our library of educational software is available to provide you with the information you need.

Digital imaging from photos to dental radiographs

Software enhanced to ensure minimal radiation

Dental Technology | Dr Hughs
Dental Technology | Dr Hughs
Dental Technology | Dr Hughs

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