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Dental Surgical Procedures

Dr. Hugh performs dental surgeries for patients in-office. From wisdom teeth removal to urgent care surgeries, we have the skill and facilities to care for you.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth are the very last molars at the back of the mouth. Often, there isn’t room in the back of the jaw for these to break through the gums without disrupting the other teeth. Sometimes they are impacted, meaning they cannot break through the gum at all and may be at an angle under the gum that is, again, pushing the rest of your teeth out of alignment.

If the wisdom teeth cannot simply come in without changing the bite or moving the teeth, they should be extracted. Some extractions, for example if the wisdom teeth are not impacted, may be done with a simple local anesthetic. In the case of impaction, sedation is the least stressful, most effective way to remove the wisdom teeth.

Post-operative instructions will be explained and given to you during your pre-operative appointment.

Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal therapy attempts to save your teeth and prevent further destruction of the ligaments holding your teeth in your mouth. We perform deep scalings to minor surgeries incorporating the use of laser technology. 

Other Surgery

You may need an impacted tooth exposed or extracted for orthodontia, multiple infected teeth or broken teeth below the gum line removed, bone grafting to rebuild your bone for future dental implants or oral prosthesis. Sometimes a root canal needs to be treated at the end of the root—we do that too. Dr. Hugh provides these services on a daily basis and keeps you comfortable and calm.

Pain, swelling, trauma, and fractured teeth are urgent care situations we manage and treat during business hours. Our schedule is designed to accept one or two urgent care cases during our normal business hours. Palliative to definitive treatment may be provided. For urgent care, call us immediately for assistance. Emergency care should be sought at your local hospital.

Gum Grafts

Severe gum recession exposes the root of the tooth and opens it up to decay and bone loss. Aesthetically, your smile may appear uneven with receding gums and gum grafts can improve the appearance. Gum grafts are also performed to aid in the health of dental implants prior or sometimes after dental implant surgery.



In the case of severe periodontal disease, tooth and bone loss may occur. Before addressing tooth loss with an implant, the bone may need repair. This bone defect needs to be addressed to allow proper positioning of the dental implant and restoration in order for healthy long-term outcomes.

Dr. Hugh previously harvested bone from your chin or jaw. However, with the advances in clean cadaver and bovine bone and advances in platelet-rich fibrin and platelet-rich plasma, your bone repair is much less invasive and less expensive

A temporary bridge may be placed to protect the area for proper healing. It will take approximately 4-9 months for the graft to completely heal. After that time, you will be re-evaluated on how well your body healed and proceed wtih the dental implant rehabilitation as indicated.

Surgery and Restorations by Dr. Hugh




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