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New Patient Information

Urgent care services provided during business hours. Call 603-444-4141 for information. Accepting Care Credit.

Welcome to Dr. Hugh’s Dental PC! We are happy to have you with us! Before your first visit, please feel free to print out the following forms, complete them, and bring them to your visit. This is not mandatory, but it will save time on the day of your appointment.


Referring patients or doctors, please complete the Patient Referral Form and fax it us at (603) 444-4151.

Patients Referred for Implants

If your dentist has referred you for an implant procedure with Dr. Hugh, please bring any paperwork or imaging provided to you by your dentist.


We are happy to meet you at Dr. Hugh’s Dental PC! We look forward to working with you on creating or maintaining your perfect smile! Thank you for choosing us!

Thank you for choosing Dr. Hugh’s Dental PC!


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